Vinyl Lettering

vinyl lettering

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl letters

Vinyl letters are made from SAV (self adhesive vinyl). This is high quality thin sheets of UV resistant PVC with a high bond acrylic glue which adheres to most surfaces.

There are two types of vinyl used for vinyl lettering:

Cast Vinyl

Cast vinyl is the best quality media for vinyl lettering. Cast vinyl is very flexible therefore it can be moulded and stretched over irregular and curved surfaces.  Cast vinyl is best for long lasting adhesive letters and can last 10 years or more depending on the location and wear and tear. Typical uses are vehicle wraps, vehicle signage and any types of signs that need to last as long as possible especially in an exterior environment.

Calender Vinyl

Calender vinyl is a cheaper media that is easy to cut but can last from 1 to 7 years depending on the grade used. Calender vinyl is thicker than cast vinyl, therefore its a bit tougher when it comes to abrasion and wear and tear. Typically  calender vinyl is used for vehicle graphics, window graphics, road signs, general signage, labels and decorative or shorter term signs such as floor graphics.

Vinyl cut letters are used for all types of identification and signage. Wherever you look these days there is some sort of vinyl lettering or sticker.

If you need a small run of stickers for your retail shop, business, sports club or school for example, then stickers can be cut for window signs, directional signs, sports equipment and honour boards. These quality stickers are cut in vinyl or printed and cut to shape in any quantity.

Another advantage regarding  vinyl cut letters is they can be supplied ready to install for anyone wanting to do D.I.Y. signage. The vinyl lettering is cut with all the lettering pre spaced and an application tape is applied over the top to hold the letters together. This makes it easy for anyone on a budget wanting a ‘do it your self’ type of sign.

Colours available

Many colours are available in adhesive vinyl films.

Colours include all the bright colours, greys, blacks and browns.  Matte and gloss versions of all colours are available. There are also reflective colours, fluorescent colours and mirror films such as chrome and brushed aluminium.

Different glues are also available on various types of adhesive films. Examples are permanent glue, removable glue, high bond glue, easy apply adhesive and reusable glue for removing and re positioning stickers.