Using 3D signs for business effectively and the different types of materials available

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Using 3D signs for business effectively and the different types of materials available

3D Signs

Are you after some 3D signs for your business? 3D letters can create more impact for exterior building signs and reception signs. 3D letters are an upmarket alternative to sticker decals and handpainted signs on flat walls. Signs can have greater impact and enhance the ‘3D effect’. This is done by using strategic lighting to cast dramatic shadows onto the background of walls. For the budget conscious, acrylic letters are cost effective and durable. Acrylic materials are available from 3mm to 30mm thick. These can be custom sprayed to any colour. They are usually permanently installed by glueing to the painted wall or brickwork. Another alternative is to use special standoffs to raise the letters 20mm off the wall. This is ideal for painted gyprock walls in offices and reception areas.

Other 3D letter materials are aluminium, stainless steel, brass, normal steel. A few composite materials that give a metal brushed look are available and more cost effective.

Foam Letters

For those wanting to really make a statement, much thicker letters can be made from styrene foam. This can be painted and also have an acrylic face colourcoded to match. Foam letters can be up to 2.5mtrs high and 600mm thick, however common sizes are usually up to 1.5mtr high and 250mm to 300mm thick. Large foam letters are often used for events and promotional signs. Logos, branding, hashtags and symbols can be cut in solid freestanding foam letters and painted in corporate colours. These are then placed on stage in venues or can be pegged into the grass on ovals and arenas.

Fabricated Acrylic Letters

The ultimate 3D signs are fabricated acrylic letters. These are built from 3mm acrylic which is cut and bent to shape in a hollow 3D form. The finished letters can then be sprayed to any colour ready to install. The benefits of this type of 3D letter construction is that it is extremely durable. Letters can be made to any size, are easy to install and can be removed at any stage  without any damage. This makes fabricated letters perfect for businesses that will need to relocate or re shopfit at some stage.

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