Trailer signs for businesses in Sydney

trailer signs

Trailer signs for businesses in Sydney


Are you after trailer signs to advertise your business in Sydney? Not sure what type of trailer to buy or what sort of signs will fit your existing trailer? A normal trailer used for gardening or landscaping work can also advertise your business as you drive around or leave it parked on the street.

landscape advertising


For example builders and tradies use trailers to store tools, carry building materials and take rubbish to the tip. This offers a perfect opportunity to advertise your business. Trailer advertising is durable, cost effective and is working for you 24/7

builders trailer advertising

This example shows a specially built trailer to store tools securely. It offers good advertising space on all sides.


When it comes to trailers, most people want something fairly simple. Your stock standard galvanised box trailer with 4 sides and a cage will be the most cost effective for advertising. All you will need is a sign panel fixed to each of the 4 sides of the trailer. Therefore you have your business name and advertising working for you 24/7 all year round. There are many companies that make trailers all over Australia or you can even order Chinese built trailers online or from places like Bunnings.

trailer signage


Of course if you have an old trailer lying around then you can easily throw a few signs on all sides and you now have a new looking trailer that’s generating business enquiries every day. Otherwise there’s always second hand trailers for sale.           The ROI is exceptional!

trailer sign panels


If you are thinking about trailer advertising and you plan to leave your trailer in the street, check with you local council. No one wants a trailer dumped outside their house in a residential area as it takes up parking and can be unsightly. Some councils have strict guidelines regarding permanently parked trailers with advertising. Open box trailers with 4 sides are usually classed differently from dedicated advertising trailers. This is because they can be used primarily as a multi use trailer and not just to advertise a business.  Towing your trailer and leaving it attached to a vehicle wont be a problem.


If you need help with any signage, get in contact.