Signwriting on Heritage Buildings

Signwriting Heritage Buildings

Signwriting on Heritage Buildings

Do you need to restore old fashion signwriting? Maybe you have a heritage listed building and are required to retain the original look of the handpainted signs. There are many areas in Australia that have been either heritage listed or have a local authority policing what can and cannot be done when restoring or making additions to buildings. One example is the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority which governs areas such as ‘The Rocks’. The Rocks is Sydney’s oldest neighbourhood region dating back to the first settlers from England. Any work on buildings in this area is closely monitored by the Foreshore authority. The Orient Hotel is a fine example with an historical date of one hundred and seventy five years old.

Absolute Sign Solutions was engaged to re signwrite 3 sides of the building whilst maintaining the original look and character of the signwriting.

signwriting the rocks sydney

Our team of highly skilled sign writers sign wrote 3 areas of the hotels exterior walls with ORIENT HOTEL.

signage orient hotel

The signwriting job was marked as urgent as the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority needed the hotel looking good for its 175th birthday.

building signage the rocks

An expert sign writer that’s traditionally trained can duplicate or create any type of sign with paint and brush.

restoritive signwriting sydney

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