Safety Signs and OHS Signage for your business

safety signage

Safety Signs and OHS Signage for your business


 Safety signs and compliant OHS signage are needed by all types of businesses. These signs are used to help with workplace safety. Therefore they are used in the workplace, all types of clubs, strata and community areas.

Pedestrian signs


Examples of OHS signs include the following.

  • Safety stickers, are printed on SAV (self adhesive vinyl). Stickers can be applied to walls, windows, floors, carpet etc. Its important to notify the public of any potential safety issues.
  • PVC signs, metal signs or banners are used for all types of safetry signs. Examples are carpark and speed limit signs, wall signs, aframes. They are long lasting and permanent sign options.
  • Spray on stencils are used to spray concrete driveways and roads.  Stencils are lasercut with messages like –  NO PARKING, SLOW DOWN, PEDESTRIANS ONLY, DANGER CONSTRUCTION SITE  etc.
  • We can custom make all safety signage to any size required. We tailor the wording and design to your requirements. All our safety signs are made from premium products and guaranteed to last.

safety signs - sizes needed in the workplace


The recent world health pandemic has brought with it increased safety issues. Therefore it has made society as a whole more aware of personal health safety isuues regarding Covid 19. OHS signs are now necessary in all walks of life. Now every business or organisation needs signs advising social distancing and how many people are allowed in any area at any time.

Safety signs and stickers are needed for all types of businesses, institutions and community organisations. Examples of these are:

CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIES – These include all trades such as Carpenters, Builders, Electricians, Plumbers, Roofers, Mechanics and more.

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ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS – Safety signs are needed for all businesses. Retails Shops, Trade Supplies, Childcare Centres, Medical Facilities, Factory Areas, Restrictive Areas and compounds are examples.

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COMMUNITY AND SPORTS CLUBS – Any type of sign or sticker that will warn people of danger or safety issues.

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Let us know what you need and we are happy to provide a quote.

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