Are you looking for quality sign writers in Sydney?

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Are you looking for quality sign writers in Sydney?

What makes a good sign writer?

If you are looking for a sign writer there are a few things you should consider. Firstly today most businesses are sign makers not sign writers. If you need hand painted signs then you should establish that you are dealing with traditionally trained sign writers. Otherwise here’s a few tips on what you should look for. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There should’nt be any surprises and you should be confident your sign person can deliver!

Things to look out for when buying signs

  • How much experience has the sign person and how long have they been in the industry.
  • What do reviews say and what clients would recommend them.
  • Can they guarantee a quality product
  • What type of printers and media do they use to create your signs.

Different printers give different results

Some new print technology won’t last as long as older print methods. Here’s some examples where UV prints are used and our very own workshop sign. You can see the UV prints are failing badly after only a few years where as our sign has vibrant colours and is still in like new condition.

UV print fail

UV print fail 2

Workshop signs

Quality printers and media for signage

We use a low emission Eco solvent printer for outdoor production. Combined with premium quality SAV media and UV laminates our signs can last twice the life of UV prints. The colours are very sharp and vibrant. The most popular finish is a satin laminate followed by matte finish.

Paints and sign products used to create your signs

For over 20 years we have used the same premium paint and sign products to create quality signs for our clients. This means you will get a quality sign that will last the distance.

Of course some jobs need to be as cheap as possible and only need to last a few days or so. We taylor all our sign products to meet our customers needs.

Many of our new customers don’t really know exactly what type of signage or sign writing service they need to create their new signs. We not only provide all types of signage, but are experts in all types of traditional hand painted signwriting, murals and paint finishes as well as the more main stream print, and cut vinyl signage and stickers etc. We can advise exactly what type of signs will suit your requirements to give you durability and cost effectiveness. All our sign writers have over 30 years experience in the sign industry so you know you will get the right advice for your next signage project.