Playground Art

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Playground Art

If you need simple art or line marking designs for childrens play areas in schools, day care facilities, or childrens playgrounds we can help you. We do linemarking and images to concrete and bitumen surfaces to brighten up the playground and also alert children to certain areas that are restricted and out of bounds etc.

Absolute Sign solutions supply the following services for –

Public Schools, Private Schools, Day Care Centres, Kindergardens, Nursing Homes, Aged Care Facilities



  • Painted lines to mark car parking spaces
  • Zebra crossings for safe pedestrian access
  • Lines to indicate disabled parking spaces
  • Lines to indicate direction of traffic
  • Road signs
  • Directional signs
  • Speed restrictions signs

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  • We hand paint large letters if needed or use laser cut stencils to do precise lettering and or logos. These can be made to any size and a selection of coloured paint is available.
  • Disabled stencils and other compliant symbols to Australian standards are available. We custom make all our stencils to meet your requirements, so you are not limited to off the shelf products.
handpainted floor graphics

handpainted playground art


  • We stencil any type of design or OHS message to concrete areas.
  • Stencils are designed to suit your requirements
  • A selection of colours are available.

Sign Solutions Sydney


  • Our traditionally trained signwriters  can advise what type of sign or stencilling will work best for your situation.
  • Our lettering will be correctly spaced with easily read fonts.
  • The paint we use is a durable non slip matte finish. Over time it will show some wear from vehicle tyres etc. It is easy to use the same stencils to go over the exact space to bring any marking up to brand new quality again if needed at any stage.

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  • The stencils for lettering or symbols are of the highest quality and can be used repeatedly over time.
  • This can easily be done by anyone trying to save money or on a budget.
  • We are happy advise the correct method of application.
  • We make the stencils and supply the paint needed for your project.

Sign Solutions Sydney


Absolute Sign Solutions sign writers will advise what sorts of line marking or stencilling will work best for you. we have over 30 years experience, therefore you can be confident in quality workmanship.

Some of the common areas markings are used for are:

  • car parks & driveways
  • commercial floors needing something new
  • timber flooring
  • vinyl flooring
  • warehouses with concrete floors
  • outdoor entertainment areas