Perforated print stickers – Northern Beaches

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Perforated print stickers – Northern Beaches

Do you need perforated print stickers for your vehicle? Perforated print signs are easy to see through and the perfect solution for car rear windows. Also known as one way vision, they have a good area for advertising, and help with security and solar protection. We do all types of vehicle signs for vans, trucks and cars.

Most people need to advertise their products or their business name. However they still have to have good visual access to see what’s happening when reversing backwards? Perforated window prints are a large sticker made from self adhesive vinyl with tiny holes perforated all over. The result is an image on any type of glass surface that you can see through from the inside without out blocking visual access. These perforated stickers are printed on our large format printer. Printer inks are vibrant and long lasting. Tradesmen like them as they provide some security by helping hide tools inside vehicle from prying eyes.

Perforated prints give you:

  • Advertising space on your vehicle
  • Privacy from outside
  • Better security as its hard to see inside vehicle
  • Better solar protection as it limits the sun filtering through the window