Hand Painted Pin Lining

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Hand Painted Pin Lining

Do you need something decorated with a fine border or pin stripe such as a motor vehicle, mirror, trophy or some sort of antique furniture? A traditionally trained signwriter can hand paint all sorts of borders and fine lines to different objects for people wanting to restore or decorate anything that needs ‘something special to finish it off’. This example shows pinlining with a handbrushed enamel line which fills the routed edge of the painted timber board giving it the finishing touches needed by the client. This is probably the only way the outside border could be created as a vinyl sticker pinline would be difficult to keep consistent within the routed groove and possibly start to fail or peel off over time especially as this item would be handled by a few people. The other advantage of painted stripes and pin lines is that if damaged in any way they are easily redone or ‘touched up’ with the same enamel paint. If this sort of work was done in stick-on stripes and it was damaged, then the only way to repair the surface would be to strip off the stripe and redo from scratch which then could result in other issues such as pulling the 2 pack paint off the background.

Examples of items that are suitable for handpainted pin lines are – Semi trailer truck cabins, where the owners like to decorate their vehicles in the traditional way. Timber boats and even older model fibreglass boats where they require a more traditional look. Vintage cars and bikes, model cars, horse floats, sign borders and plaques are just a few more examples where handpainted stripes and pin lines are commonly used.

Other wise for many items that need pin lines or stripes, stickers can be a big advantage as they can be easliy removed if needed down the track. Another advantage of using ‘stick on stripes’ is that there are many more decorative colours available such as metallic colours, reflective colours and mirror finishes.

Our experienced signwriters can advise what will work best for you and provide a quote for all types of pin lining.