Handpainted Signwriting becoming more popular

hand painted signs

Handpainted Signwriting becoming more popular

Hand painted signs still relevant

Just the other day a friend was sent a photo of a sign writer on site hand painting a sign. The person who sent the photo to him said he could not believe that today people still hand painted signs. With all the modern technology they thought sign writing by hand was dead and not relevant. The fact is that hand painted signwriting is becoming more popular.

Qualified Signwriter

A traditional sign writer can hand paint just about anything. It may be a one off original sign or simple lettering. It can be in any type of font style. Anything can be achieved using a professional sign writer trained in brush art.

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Signage trends

However there is a strong trend for people wanting hand painted sign writing.                                                                    Customers are prepared to pay for hand painted signs for a number of reasons:

  • Hand painted signs have more character. Customers always comment on the value of a ‘signwriting’.
  • Painted signs are often seen as a feature or a centre piece that creates more atmosphere.
  • Signs by brush actually become part of the wall surface they are sign written on. They are not just stuck on.
  • Hand painted signs last. SAV decals have a limited life. Stickers will fail and peel at some stage and they are not suitable for rough and irregular surfaces.
  • Brush lettering can be applied to virtually any type of surface.
  • The paint used for signs has a very low impact on the environment compared to printed or cut vinyl signs. Sign writing a sign uses a tiny amount of paint. Vinyl media contains strong solvents. Vinyl signs produce a lot of waste that goes into landfill. The VOC’s keep leaching out of the vinyl for many years and it may take many years to break down. Also it may leach toxins into the soil.
    sale signs

    hand painted sale sign

    Expert Signwriters

  • Our in house sign writers can give you high quality and long lasting sign for your business, school, cafe, hotel or creative needs. We can design or replicate any types of logo, image or design. Our sign writers have over 30 years of experience in all types of traditional hand painted sign writing as well as the other types of signage.


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    hand painted signs

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