Hand painted signs are in heavy demand

handpainted walls sydney

Hand painted signs are in heavy demand

Hand painted signs becoming more popular.

A  corporate client wanted cultural and team building messaged conveyed to staff and clients as they entered the building. This was an easy fix. Some hand painted wording and simple graphics were hand painted to the walls of the stairwell at their premises in Sydney. The new signs were hand painted by our expert sign writers in durable paint thats easily noticed and long lasting. We did an onsite inspection, took measurements and mocked up a new design for sign writing the building. This message needed to be easily read and strategically positioned on the wall to maximise the view as you enter and exit.


We do as much preparation as possible prior to going on site. This includes layouts, measurements, checking OHS and traffic issues and communicating with the client so everything runs like clock work. The wall sign was all hand painted using a brush by our signwriters.

However this is no problem for an experienced signwriter and will always give you the best outcome for a long lasting wall sign. Often the customer prefers the look of a hand painted finish as it becomes and looks like ‘part of the wall’.

Handpainted timber sign


A traditional sign writer hand paints just about anything, and on any type of surface.whether a one off sign or lettering in any typeface. Anything can be achieved using a professional sign writer trained in brush art.

handpainted sign

Rustic handpainted sign


Check out our sign writer creating a hand made timber sign for one of our clients



  • Hand painted signs are great value considering how long they last. Customers always comment on the value of a ‘sign written’ sign.
  • Hand painted signs actually become part of the wall or surface they are sign written on.
  • Hand painted signs last.
  • Hand painted sign writing can be applied to virtually any type of surface

    Our in house sign writers can give you high quality and long lasting sign writing for your business. We can design or replicate any types of logo, image or design. Our sign writers have over 30 years of experience in all types of traditional hand painted sign writing as well as the other types of signage.


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