Hand painted murals in India

Hand painted murals in India


There are many high quality and detailed hand painted murals in India.

hand painted wall design


On a recent trip it was inspirational to see how almost all murals and even signs for hotels, restaurants and shops are hand painted.

wall mural madawa

Wall painting Mandawa India

There are a lot of printed signs, mostly in the bigger cities however the hand painted work is what really stands out.

Ganesh Mural Varanassi

These murals are all hand painted on stone walls. Access is by basic bamboo scaffolding which is tied together by hand.

Goiant wall mural Ganges Varanassi

Varanassi mural - Ganges

The quality of the work is excellent with many hours needed to achieve the detail in each example

Wall mural Varannasi

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Indian wall mural