Foam Letters for signs and display

large foam letters

Foam Letters for signs and display

Foam Signs

Are you after some Foam signs for your business? Foam letters create more impact for signage. Foam is available in various thickness from 25mm to 600mm. Polystyrene foam comes in interior grade and more expensive and durable exterior grades.

Exterior grade foam is suitable for exterior building signs. To ensure maximum durability, foam logos and letters must have at least 2 coats of exterior grade acrylic paint to give UV protextion.

Interior grade foam is cheaper and not as hard as the exterior grades. It is more cost effective and suitable for promotional signs and Event signage.

Big impact for those on a budget.

Foam letters are a more budget alternative to 3D fabricated acrylic or metal letters. They have the same look without the big budget needed for metal and perspex fabrication.

For a greater impact and to enhance the ‘3D effect’, strategic lighting is used to cast dramatic shadows from the 3D letters onto the background wall or along the ground on which the letters stand.

Polystyrene foam can be hot wire cut or machined with a router. The letters can be painted to any colour. They are usually permanently installed by glueing the letters to a painted wall or brickwork.

For those wanting to really make a statement, foam letters can be painted and also have an acrylic face colour coded to match. Foam letters can be up to 2.5mtrs high and up to 600mm thick. Large foam letters are lightweight, therefore easy to move and are often used for events and promotional signs. Logos, branding, hashtags and symbols can be cut in solid freestanding foam and painted in corporate colours. These are then placed on stage in venues or can be pegged into the grass on ovals and arenas.

We can advise on what sort of foam letters will work best for your project.


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