Floor Graphics – Northern Beaches – Sydney

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Floor Graphics – Northern Beaches – Sydney

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are made from SAV (self adhesive vinyl). This is a high quality  UV resistant PVC with a high bond acrylic glue which adheres to most surfaces.

There are two types of vinyl used for floor graphics:

Permanent SAV vinyl

Calender vinyl is the better quality media for floor graphics. It comes in a variety of colours or can be printed. It often has a textured surface or it can be laminated with a tough textured non slip laminate.  Calender vinyl  is best for long lasting adhesive floor graphics. It and can last quite well depending on the location. The amount of traffic will will determine how much wear and tear. Obviously smooth surfaces will have better adhesion and be more long lasting. Timber floor boards or vinyl flooring are good examples of smooth surfaces. Textured tiles and concrete need higher bond vinyl media for floor graphics. Typical uses are branding or promotions for shopping centres or retail outlets, motor dealers, events or temporary warning signs for OHS issues.

Removable Vinyl

Removable vinyl is much the same as permanent vinyl, however the glue is usually not as high bonding.  This allows for easier removal especially over a short period of time.

If you need a small run of floor graphics, then the stickers are either contour cut or printed to your specifications.

Another great thing about vinyl cut floor graphics or printed floor graphics is they can be supplied ready to install for anyone wanting to do D.I.Y. signage. The vinyl lettering is cut with all the lettering pre spaced and an application tape is applied over the top to hold letters together. The printed sections are also relatively easy to install with some instruction from us. Our staff are happy to guide you. This makes it easy for anyone on a budget and wanting a ‘do it your self’ type of sign.