Hand painted sign writing – examples of signs hand painted by sign writers

Hand painted sign writing – examples of signs hand painted by sign writers

Mobile Advertising

Shipping containers have irregular walls designed to be very strong as well as light weight. The surface is made from corrugated metal which gives it strength as well as keeping weight down. Shipping containers are often used for advertising, so signage is applied on the sides to advertise products or companies logos may be signwritten. The corrugated surface is not really suitable for ‘stick on’ types of SAV signage.

Whats the solution? Handpainted signwriting! A professional signwriter can reproduce any logo or text on the irregular surface. For example if stickers are used they will distort when applied over the bending panels. A good signwriter will correct this visual distortion so it works for the customer.

Rustic Signwriting

Another example of a sign which can only be done by hand is any distressed or aged looking sign. This typically would look like its old and worn out, but is new and long lasting.

handpainted sign

Rustic handpainted sign

Typical clients wanting rustic signs are owners of cafes, restaurants, warehouses, fashion outlets, event directors, shop fitters or anyone wanting something original and hand done.

Original one off signs

We often have clients wanting something original that’s not a run of the mill sticker or printed sign.

signwritten canvas

signwritten canvas image promoting products

What can signwriters do?

A traditional signwriter can hand paint just about anything, whether a one off original sign or simple lettering in any type of font style. Maybe you need an abstract design? Anything can be achieved using a professional signwriter trained in brush art.

Our in house signwriters can give you high quality and long lasting sign for your business, school, cafe, hotel or creative needs. We can design or replicate any types of logo, image or design. Our signwriters have over 30 years of experience in all types of traditional handpainted signwriting as well as the other types of signage.

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