How to boost your business using signage

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How to boost your business using signage


Any business whether old or new is going to find it tough going in the immediate future. Because of he Covid-19 virus many businesses have grinded to a halt. The Government is forcing many businesses to close for an undetermined time.  Unemployment is increasing rapidly. Its having a drastic effect on the economy. Some business people are lucky enough to have some work still coming through the doors. If that applies to you then you need to make sure all potential customers know you what service or products you provide.

If your business is in dire straights with not enough work coming in to cover your costs, then you may need a boost to help you generate some new customers.


Signage is one of the few types of advertising that features an initial one off cost. This makes any type of sign exceptionally good value if done correctly by a good signwriter. The right kind of signage will convey to customers exactly what type of business they are dealing with. So its important to have the best looking signs for whatever your budget. Types of signs that are cost effective include aframes, banners, site signs, corflute signs, sign panels and simple shopfront signs. You can’t beat the ROI of these types of low cost signs. Once you have your sign after an initial one time cost, it will give you years of advertising 24/7.

Other types of business promotion such as adwords, or anything online can be effective. However these types of advertising have an ongoing monthly cost. It can be difficult to measure the success of online marketing and often you need an expert to help you navigate what to do and where to target.

Other promotional tools include advertising in local newspapers, radio and television. These are expensive and ongoing in cost. Advertising in trade journals, school magazines, sports club publications, catalogues and brochures can be quite expensive as well and the ROI is hard to qualify. Direct mail, Yellow pages and White pages have been around forever, but again it can be difficult to analyse how good the return is from these types of advertising?

Summarising – business owners only need to invest a minimal amount of money to get their business looking good. By getting your shopfront painted and signwritten, and your vehicles branded you’ve got 24/7 advertising that will last you for years without any additional or on going costs.


Here’s a few signage ideas that won’t cost you the earth to help you generate new business.

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A frame signs – these are cost effective and can be positioned outside your premises 24/7 potentially catching thousands of cars passing everyday. Otherwise the signs could be seen by hundreds of foot traffic customers as they pass your work place. Aframes are suitable for retail stores, site signs for trades people, outside for sports signs and personal trainers.

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Another cheap and mobile type of sign is a grass spike sign which can be easily positioned anywhere.


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Banners are one of the most versatile types of sign. Banners can be permanent or temporary. They are an easily movable promotional tool for your business. Banners can be cable tied to a fence, tied to a tree or hung from a building. Banners are really cost effective and can be easily rolled up to store away when not in use.

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Another type of promotional sign is a printed teardrop flag. These can be used with ground spikes or attached to a wall or concrete with stands and brackets.Teardrops come in many sizes.


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Builders and all trades need identification and promotion. Corflute signs are durable, long lasting and cost effective. Site signs can be attached to any fence or wall. Site signs can also be used with grass spikes and placed in the lawn or garden bed.


You may have some spare time if your business has slowed down? Have you considered a face lift to make your premises look more relevant and a going concern?

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Without spending big dollars you could re sign write that shop front so it looks nice and fresh.  New looking signs will attract attention and be inviting to potential customers. Redoing awnings, shopfront walls, window signage, reception signs, car park signs, faded old line marking and light box signs are a few of the things you could consider to have a local sign writer do for you.

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Hand painted signs give great value to businesses wanting something different or original. Hand painting or sign writing is a better alternative for painted surfaces such as rough walls, interior gyprock walls, promotional and window sale signs. Hand signwriting is also sought after by shopping centres, cafes, restaurants, B&B’s and country properties. Hand painted signs have a certain ‘look’ which gives more character and an ‘old world’ feel which is more organic. Its hard to get the same result with printed and plastic vinyl signs. Here’s some examples of business owners using their downtime to get their premises looking good and ready for when things pick up again. These are all examples of clients wanting a bespoke job giving them the ‘right look’ for their image and customer base. Please click on the link for Puddleduck, Woolworths, La Trattoria and Featherdale Wildlife Park for Hand painted signs

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Entry signs include all types of sign panels. Panels can be mounted off the wall to give more impact.


reception signs

Reception signs can be as simple as flat panels mounted onto the wall. Alternatively a more upmarket look can be achieved by using 3D letters. These are often routed or laser cut and custom sprayed to match pantone colours. The 3D letters can then be glued to the wall. Various thickness are available between 3mm and 50mm thick.


You can have signage on your car, ute, van, truck or trailer. You can have your logo and business details signwritten in a simple way or if you have a bigger budget you can cover the whole vehicle. Heres a few examples –

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tradies vehicle signage

Greenwood Homes & Granny Flats landscape advertising bu Absolute signs

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We can help you with any type of signage need. Get in contact today.


Absolute Sign Solutions supply and install shopfront signs for all types of businesses in the Sydney area. We can paint over existing signs, reface the signs with vinyl overlays or make brand new signboards which are long lasting and durable. Our sign writers also do hand painted signs and decals to glass shopfronts.  Glass panels can also be given added privacy with frosted privacy film. Frosted film can be applied in sheets, cut to shape or we can cut lettering and logos. Privacy film can also be printed on giving you any type of pattern or decoration for your office areas.

We can help you with creative sign solutions. We work to your budget and our sign makers have over 25 years experience in the signage industry.