What types of car signage you should consider to maximise your budget.

What types of car signage you should consider to maximise your budget.

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Car Signage is the most effective way to get people to see your brand. You can reach thousands of people every day if you add car decals to your motor vehicle. A professional signmaker can design good looking and cost effective vehicle signs regardless of your budget big or small.  Years ago the signwriter would draw up your letters and logo and handpaint the signs with enamel paint and brush. A simple door sign would take a day to complete and something like a large truck could take a number of days to finish. Absolute Sign Solutions still offer this service. Many customers still consider handpainted signwriting to be the most durable finish for vehicles. A good examples is heavy duty machinery and removalist trucks.

These days there are many more vehicle signage options available.

Here are a few examples for you to consider.

Vinyl cut graphics

SAV or self adhesive vinyl lettering is the cheapest way to get your business name, phone number and other details on the doors, sides and rear of your motor vehicle. Vinyl letters are suitable for any type of car or truck and there is a vast choice of colours including metallic and reflective films. They a robust, long lasting and easy to remove when it comes to selling the vehicle. Vinyl cut letters are perfect for permanent or temporary advertising options such as Motor Car Dealers wanting signage on their demonstrator vehicles.

Printed vinyl graphics

Logos, images and decorative designs and be printed and contour cut on self adhesive vinyls and applied to most places on your motor car. Combining printed graphics with vinyl cut letters will give you very durable signs that are cost effective. They will be easy to remove when your lease if finished and are perfect for fleet vehicles.

Car Signage Wraps

Full vehicle wraps are the most expensive type of vehicle sign as they often can cover the full motor vehicle. The SAV media is designed to stretch over all the contours of your car and this very high quality comes at a cost. Car Signage  wraps can be fully printed with any type of design or they can be combined with metallic films or specialty films like carbon fibre or chrome finish. Vehicle wraps are most common on cars and vans, although motorbikes, trucks and most other types of vehicles can be wrapped.

Temporary and movable Car Signage

If you are after a temporary vehicle sign there are a few options available.

  • Magnetic signs give you flexibility to have your business name and details on your doors, sides of vehicle or tailgate.

PROS – they can be removed anytime to be used again or transferred to another vehicle. They are very cost effective and durable.

CONS – Magnetic signs can look like a temporary option. They look like a square sign added on the side of your vehicle.

  • Electrostatic signs – these are printed on flexible non adhesive film and’stick’ by electrostatic energy. They are suitable for vehicle windows and commonly used by motor car dealers or for promotional signs.

PROS – they can be removed anytime to be used again or transferred to another vehicle.

CONS – They need to be looked after as Electrostatic signs are not as durable as other types of signs.

  • Dot Series Vinyls are new technology. The adhesive is made up of sticky dots which make it repositional.

PROS – Dot series vinyls are very easy to install as the glue pattern makes it almost impossible to get air bubbles in the print. The SAV media can be removed and repositioned.

CONS – The dot media doesnt have as stronger bond as normal SAV media’.

  • Handpainted window screens are still used by a few motor car dealers. They are handpainted by a professional signwriter often in bright flourescent colours to advertise the price of the cars. Absolute Sign Solutions offer this service also.

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