Bonnet Stripes for 4WD vehicles

custom vehicle stripes

Bonnet Stripes for 4WD vehicles

Are you after some bonnet stripes to give your 4WD vehicle a more personalised look?

We design, produce and install any type of vehicle stripes. Matte black stripes look pretty good or there is a variety of specialty films which can be used for all types of stripes for your car.

This example is bonnet stripes for the new Nissan Navara.

What colours are available? Stripes can be made in all types of colours in gloss vinyl or matte media depending on your requirements. We use the highest quality media to give your vehicle durable vehicle stripes

Are the car stripes permanent? Yes – all vehicle stripes are made from long lasting permanent SAV, however your car stripes can be removed at any stage. If you wish to change the colour of the stripes or plan to sell the motor vehicle then the adhesive vinyl can be heated up and removed without damaging your cars paint finish.

Why are our vehicle stripes different from cheaper ‘online’ stripes? Our vehicle stripes are custom made. We can offer many types of vinyl film and guarantee quality stripes for your vehicle. Vehicle stripes bought online can often be difficult to install if the media is incorrect for your motor car. Once bought you may be stuck with vehicle stripes you cannot use.

By using Absolute Sign Solutions for your vehicle stripes you will get quality stripes that will fit your car, look great and be long lasting.