Billboard Signs for Businesses in Sydney

billboard signs

Billboard Signs for Businesses in Sydney

Billboard Signs

Billboard signage is an effective way to advertise your business services or products. We have helped many small businesses with cost effective billboard signs and printed advertising for shopfront promotions. Photographs of products can be taken and artwork put together to create simple effective signs that will help get customers through the door. Hand painted large scale lettering is also something our professional signwriters offer if you are after that look for your signs.

Large scale signs can simply be painted on the side of a building. Alternatively a steel structure can be made and signpanels fixed to the front. This gives you a free standing sign which can be made to any size required.

Cost effective options:

Handpainted signs

Walls are painted and signwritten with a quality low sheen acrylic paint. The wall is then signwritten with the same paint giving a durable long lasting finish. The low sheen matte finish helps hide any imperfections where there is any irregular or rough surfaces. If you are interested in this option then you will need a traditionally trained signwriter to be confident of getting a good end product.

SAV vinyl lettering

Vinyl lettering is made from long lasting SAV film which is contour cut and stuck onto sign panels. The quality of the vinyl stickers will determine how long it lasts. We only use quality media that is long lasting. The vinyl film is applied to windows or sign panels. Sheet sizes are up to 4mtrs in length and can be joined to create any size sign. Sign panels come in a variety of colours and have a 2 pack gloss or matte finish. Therefore these types of signs are generally tough and long lasting.

Printed vinyl SAV graphics.

Full colour printed graphics are often used for billboard signs. Vinyl film is printed and installed onto sign panels and joined to create any size sign. Large banners are printed in full colour and can have eyelets or other methods to fix to walls or fences.  Mesh fabric is suitable for high wind situations. The perforations allow wind to pass through therefore reducing the sail effect as the mesh banner catches the breeze.

 3D letters

Another option is to use 3D letters. These are fabricated in a variety of finishes. Materials used  are acrylic, plastics, foam and metals. 3D letters are a good option if your require something upmarket or a bit different.

Absolute Sign Solution’s signwriters can advise what type of signage will work best for your  large scale signs. All our sign products are sourced from quality suppliers and you can be confident that the end result will look good and be long lasting.