Awning Signage for Businesses in Sydney

Awning Signage for Businesses in Sydney

Are you after a shopfront sign?  Is your awning signage tired or does the face of your awning need replacing? There are different awning sign options available to make your shopfront look nice and new again depending on your budget.

A simple option to rejuvenate an old awning is to paint it with a low sheen acrylic paint. It can then be signwritten with the same paint giving a durable long lasting finish. The low sheen matte finish helps hide any imperfections where there is any irregular or rough surfaces. If you are interested in this option then you will need a traditionally trained signwriter to be confident of getting a good end product.

SAV vinyl lettering is another option which can be stuck onto the painted awning as an alternative. The quality of the vinyl stickers will determine how long it lasts.

Another option is to ‘reface’ your awning with new panels. This is usally needed when the awning is too far gone and a new paint finish won’t give you a good result especially if the awning is old and rusting or been damaged. A few different products can be used to reface an awning and they usually come with a durable matte or gloss 2 pack finish. The awning signs can then be finished with vinyl cut or printed vinyl SAV graphics. When complete the finished product makes it look like a brand new awning.

Other options can include 3D letters in a variey of finishes if your require something upmarket or a bit different.

Absolute Sign Solutions signwriters can advise what sorts of signage will work best for your shopfront awning signs. All our sign products are sourced from quality suppliers and you can be confident that the end result will look good and be long lasting.