Aftermarket car stripes to new vehicles

vehicle stripes

Aftermarket car stripes to new vehicles

Do you have a new vehicle that needs something to make it look finished off? We custom make vehicle stripes for all types of cars and utes in the Sydney area. We can make your stripes can be big and bold or some people prefer a more subtle look to give your vehicle the finishing touches to make it look great.

Colours available

Stripes can be made in all types of colours including metallics and reflectives. Vehicle stripes can also be made in gloss or matte media. We can talk to you about whats best for you depending on your requirements.

Quality Media

We use high end quality media to give you durable vehicle stripes and decals.

Vinyl cut stripes

SAV or self adhesive vinyl stripes is the most durable option to do any type of decoration on the doors, sides and rear of your motor vehicle. Vinyl stripes are suitable for any type of car, truck, boat or bike. They a robust, long lasting and easy to remove when it comes to selling the vehicle.

Printed vinyl graphics

Decorative designs can be printed and contour cut on self adhesive vinyls and applied to most places on your motor car. Combining printed graphics with vinyl cut stripes will give you very durable signs that are cost effective. They will be easy to remove when your lease is finished  and you want to get a new car.