3D signs installed to weatherboards on building

Acrylic 3d Letters

3D signs installed to weatherboards on building

3D Signs

Mosman Rowers club needed some 3D signs for the front of their premises. They are located on the harbour and facing the ocean. Due to the location the sign installers needed safety gear to do the job. It was not only high, but also over an angled metal roof of 2 storeys as well as above a timber deck. Following OHS guidelines it was assessed that roof fixations were needed and the installers would need harnesses to carry out the sign installation safely.

Materials used for this project

A set of timber oars was purchased and painted to create a replica of the logo. The 2 oars crossed over to give the sign more character and dimension. Matte acrylic letters were cut and individually screwed to the old timber weatherboards. Other signs were installed with natural timber frames. These signs are designed to age over time.

height safety

sign installation with harness


3D wall signs

3D signs

3D Letters

 3D Acrylic letters create more impact for exterior building signs. The 3D letters used for this job are long lasting and durable.  Acrylic letters are an upmarket alternative to using signpanels on flat walls. For greater impact and to enhance the ‘3D effect’, strategic lighting from spotlights is used to cast dramatic shadows from the 3D letters onto the background of wall it is installed to. Acrylic letters are cost effective and durable. Acrylic materials are available from 3mm to 30mm thick. The letters are custom sprayed to any colour. Acrylic letters are permanently installed using glue or high bond tape. They can be installed to any surface. Examples are painted walls or brickwork, however in this case they are individually screwed direct into the timber weatherboards.

Another alternative is to use special standoffs to raise the letters 20mm off the wall. This is more suited for flat walls or for painted gyprock walls in offices and reception areas.

Other 3D letter materials commonly used include aluminium, stainless steel, brass and normal steel. There are a few composite materials available that give a brushed metal look in silver, gold and bronze. These are a more cost effective solutions for metallic looking 3D letters as they look even better than the real thing. and do not need polishing or maintenance.

Fabricated Acrylic Letters

The ultimate 3D signs are made from fabricated acrylic letters. These are built from 3mm acrylic which is cut and bent to shape in a hollow 3D form. The finished letters are then be sprayed to any colour and ready to install. The benefits of this type of 3D letter construction is that it is extremely durable. 3D Letters can be made to any size, are easy to install and can be removed at any stage  without any damage to the surface they are installed to. This makes fabricated letters perfect for businesses that will need to relocate or re shop fit at some stage.

3D Sign Letters Northern Beaches | Outdoor Sign Solutions

example of a fabricated acrylic letters

Freestanding signs

An entry sign on a panel was made with a timber framed border. This was installed at the walk in entrance of the building on a freestanding frame and posts. The timber border over time will grey off and become more rustic giving the sign a lot of character or otherwise it can be sanded back and stained if needed. Again the timber and sign panel materials were chosen for their long lasting characteristics. In this case the timber was cedar. Installation methods used allow for no visible fixing from the front which always looks best.