3D Freestanding signs

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3D Freestanding signs

3D Freestanding signs

3D signs are ideal for events and promotions. 3D letters when used on stage for an event give a lot of impact. Foam letters are light weight and cost effective therefore one of the best materials for large letters and logos. Polystyrene foam is best cut in letter styles that are suitable to stand on a flat surface. The foam letters are painted in any colour including pantone colours following company guidelines. Poly foam is available in various grades and thickness.  Free standing foam letters need to be between 150mm and 600mm thick. The height of the letters determines how thick the letters need to be made so they are stable when free standing.

Exterior grade foam is suitable for exterior building signs.  Letters must have at least 2 coats of exterior grade acrylic paint. This is to give them UV protection from the sun and make them long lasting.

Interior grade foam is cheaper and not as hard as the exterior grades. It is more cost effective and suitable for promotional signs and Event signage.

First impressions count!

This laser cut acrylic sign has custom made clear brackets fabricated to hold letters 300mm off the wall. The faux garden wall was then applied around the letters to give the impression of the name floating in front of the leaves.

rebound physiotherapy

3D acrylic letters on faux garden wall

The example below is a free standing foam sign around 10mtrs long. The University of Notre Dame engaged us to create an impressive sign to use on open days and special occasions.  The foam letters are large and stable but light enough to move around and store away after each event.


This example shows a 3D logo installed on site for Under Armour at this years City2Surf at Bondi Beach, Sydney.


This example shows foam letters with individual bases collectively making the logo eight metres long. The advantage of individual foam letters with a base are:

  • Individual letters are easier to transport especially when over a metre high
  • Its easier to make a solid weighted base to provide sturdiness if using letters outside
  • Easier for the client to move around and store away after use

Cost Effective

3D foam letter airbrushed

Foam letters are a cost effective option when compared with 3D fabricated acrylic or metal letters. They have the same look but without the big budget needed for metal and perspex fabrication.

For a greater impact , lighting can be used to cast dramatic shadows and highlight the foam structure consequently giving more impact.

Colours available

Polystyrene foam can be cut or machined to shape. The letters can be painted in any colour.

This example is for a product launch for Bethesda Software owned by Microsoft

The example shows the number sixty is custom painted. The foam number have a flat shaved base therefore they are sturdy on a table or stage.

3D foam numbers 60painted

For those wanting to really make a statement, foam letters can also have a smooth acrylic face colour coded to match colours. Foam letters can be up to 2.5mtrs high and up to 600mm thick. Large foam letters are lightweight, therefore easy to move and are often used for events and promotional signs. Logos, branding, hashtags and symbols can be cut in solid freestanding foam and painted in corporate colours. These are then placed on stage in venues. Alternatively the foam can be pegged into the grass on ovals and arenas.

We can advise on what sort of foam letters will work best for your project.

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