How we make foam letters for business promotion in Sydney

3D foam letter airbrushed

How we make foam letters for business promotion in Sydney

How we create free standing foam letters

Netflix Australia needed large 3D logos for their new office in Sydney.

They also needed a quantity of the Netflix letter ‘N’. These would be used at different locations for event and promotional purposes.

3D foam letters are the best option when considering price and the finished product. The advantage of foam letters is that foam is light and easy to use for promotions, displays and events. Large letters over 1mtr to 2.4mtr high can still be carried and transported easily. Similiar size letters from fabricated acrylic or timber would be too heavy to move as well as being 3 times the price. The foam polystyrene letters and shapes are cut with a hot wire to give the best finish. The thickness of the letters can be anywhere from 50mm to 600mm. The thicker the foam, the more stable the letter when standing.

Netflix foam letters cut to size


Weights can be installed in the base of each foam letter. This gives the letters a much lower centre or gravity making them less likely to tip over.

holes for weights in foam letters


After the weights are added the whole letter is coated with 2 part epoxy resin. This gives a tougher more durable finish compared to just painted foam.

Weghts added to foam letters for stability


The 3D Netflix logos are painted in their corporate colours.

Foam letters getting painted


This involves spray guns and airbrush to give a professional finish.

Colours are carefully matched to pantone specifications following corporate guidelines.

Finished Netflix letters ready for clear coat

The finished foam product looks fantastic. The extra weights and the resin coating gives a tough and stable letter that will be suitable to use in an outside situation as well.

Finished foam letters Netflix

The client will be moving the 3D Netflix letters to offsite locations when needed. Foam letters could be damaged in transport. We provide a custom packaging service using light but durable plastic crates and soft but dense foam rubber for protection. When the customers event is over it is easy to repack the foam logos and store them safely until needed again.

Custom packing for signs

Bang for Buck

3D foam letter airbrushed

Foam letters are a more cost effective option when compared with 3D fabricated acrylic or metal letters. They have the same look without the big budget needed for metal and perspex fabrication.

The letters cut from foam are light and easy to transport. If damaged the painted surface is easily touched up. The foam letters can also be repaired easily.

Colours available

Polystyrene foam is either hot wire cut or machined to shape. The letters can be painted in any colour.

For those wanting to really make a statement, foam letter options include painting in any colour. This includes matching corporate colours or reproducing logos. Bright colours and sparkles are great for promotions and events, such as Sydney Mardi Gra. Another popular upgrade is an acrylic face glued to the front of the letter or logo. This can be colour coded to match.

Foam letters can be up to 2.5mtrs high and up to 600mm thick. Large foam letters are lightweight, therefore easy to move and are often used for events and promotional signs. Logos, branding, hashtags and symbols can be cut in solid freestanding foam and painted in corporate colours. These are then placed on stage in venues or alternatively can be pegged into the grass on ovals and arenas.

Our sign writers can advise what sort of foam letters will work best for your project.

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